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Domain Cleveland | 5 Ways to Stay Motivated through the Semester!

5 Ways to Stay Motivated through the end of the Semester!


Whether you’re finishing the semester strong or accomplishing a different goal, like getting in shape for summer or planning a big event, here’s some helpful tips to stay motivated!


1. Make a calendar with deadlines you set for yourself.


Break down your goal into different deadlines. If you’re finishing a project for school, set a deadline for when you’ll have the research complete. If you’re losing weight, set an attainable goal weight for the end of each month. Set smaller goals and deadlines and you’ll achieve your end in no time at all!


2. Change your mindset!


In his Ted Talk, Scott Geller talks about reframing motivation. Instead of thinking “I HAVE to go to class” think instead: “I GET to go to class”. View each day as an opportunity and learn to aim for success instead of avoiding failures.


You can hear more about the psychology of self-motivation from Scott Geller here:


3. Set aside time to do nothing.


That’s right- do nothing! If you’re having a hard time feeling motivated, take a whole Saturday to be a guilt free couch potato- but keep in mind when you wake up on Sunday- it’s time to get things done. Our minds and bodies need relaxation and if you’re feeling overly stressed, it may be because you’re not giving yourself time to reset and recharge.


4. Turn off the distractions.


If you’re having a hard time focusing because your default is scrolling through twitter or Instagram, delete the apps off your phone for a while and retrain yourself to be in the moment.


5. Make a list of your achievements.


The hardest thing to do sometimes is give ourselves the recognition we deserve. Make a list you keep on your fridge or the back of your door that reminds you of all the great things you’ve accomplished and take a moment to reflect on how you’ve been spending your time. Maybe you skipped meal prepping because you got a visit in with your parents, or maybe you got a promotion at work, or listened to a friend vent and took them out for ice cream. There are a lot of things we forget we are working on because we can get so fixated on one goal- give yourself time to recognize efforts elsewhere in your life.