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Domain Cleveland | Easy Costume Ideas

5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes It’s almost Halloween and we know that there are never enough good ideas for costumes out there to go around! Plus, if you’re anything like me you’ll probably be in need of some lastminute ideas as well. No need to worry! We’ve compiled some of our favorite costume ideas for you here – check out the 5 below!

1. Smarty Pants Costume • Blue Jeans • Smarties candies • Thick framed glasses Simply hot glue the Smarties candy while in wrappers onto the outside of the blue jeans, and apply thick framed glasses.

2. Men in Black Costume • Black suit jacket and pants • Black tie • Black glasses • White shirt Throw together outfit with a friend and recreate the iconic movie look.

3. Ceiling Fan Costume • Sweat Shirt with words “Ceiling” on the front • Pom Poms • Sign reading “Ceiling is #1” Once put together all that’s left is a hooray and cheer!

4. Bob Ross Costume • Brown curly hair wig • Brown beard • Paint brush and Pallet Place a few circles of paint on blank pallet and just be the art

5. Holy Guacamole Costume • Green t-shirt • Avocado pictures cut out • Angle wings • Halo Stick avocado pictures on green t-shirt, wear the angel wings, and halo and just like that, you’re a holy guacamole.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!