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Domain Cleveland | Nail the Interview!

Nail the Interview

A “How-to” Guide


  • Always bring your resume:


This is key! Do not show up empty handed to an interview. Even if you submitted a copy online, be sure to bring a paper copy with you.Handing the employer something tangible will resonate more with them than just a virtual resume. Have a standout resume and be sure it is free of grammar and punctuation errors.


  • Cultivate a list of questions for the interviewer:


This shows that you care about the position enough to inquire. Not asking any questions at all will make the potential employer think that you are not proactive. They want to hire someone

proactive who takes initiative. This also demonstrates your overall knowledge of the company.


  • Prepare to answer the question “Why should we hire you?”:


Do not be afraid to talk about yourself and your great qualities that make you stand out above the rest. This is your time to shine. List out three major “Selling Points” about yourself.These are three reasons why this particular employer may potentially see value in you. If you are interviewing for Administrative Work, letting them know that you are extremely efficient and organized.The more you relate your skill set to the job you are applying for, the more likely the employer is to see your value.


  • Remain cool, calm confident and collected:


Treat all questions as an opportunity to showcase your skills and prove your abilities.There is nobody that can better speak about your work experiences than YOU. This is your time to shine and really show your worth and how qualified you are. Be mindful of how you present yourself and speak articulately


  • Be sure to have a positive closing statement:


Always end on a good note. You want them to remember you in the best way possible.Don’t be afraid to let the interviewer know that you want the job.You can tell them you were excited initially, but after this interview you are more convinced than ever that this is the perfect fit for you.Let them know why your abilities make you the ideal candidate for the position!