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Domain Cleveland | Study Time!

It’s almost the end of the semester! But that also means finals are coming up. Don’t let this get you too stressed. You can do a lot to stay on top of your agenda and totally dominate finals. Take a look at the following tips to get you ready for finals week:

1. Confirm the details

Sometimes your final exam is the same time as your usual class…but sometimes it can held at a different time or even a different room or lecture all. Double check your syllabus and make sure you know when and where your final is!

2. Get some sleep

We get it – all nighters are what college is all about, right? Well, you should really try and get some rest during this time of year. Your brain will perform better and you’ll feel much better if you can get in a normal nights’ rest. Plan ahead and study during the day so your evenings aren’t as stressful.

3. Stay Active

Need a break from studying? Move your body and get your blood flowing! Feel free to take a trip down the stairs or do a quick walk on the treadmill in our 24-hour gym. This will help you stay energized while you’re staring at all those notes.

4. Eat well

Yes, it’s convenient to order order delivery so you don’t have to get out. But remember, what you put in your body will impact how you perform during your study sessions and exams. Plan ahead and make some healthy snacks you can easily grab on the go.

5. Just for this week – be LESS social


Log out of Instagram and Twitter and focus on this one week of the semester. Your social media accounts will still be there and you won’t feel like you missed a beat since most people will probably be posting about finals, which will stress you out even more. Take a break from those social networks and you’ll realize how much time you actually have!

We’re cheering for you and know you will do great this finals season. Best of luck! Let us know if we can do anything for you!