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Domain Cleveland | Tips for College Students to Stay Healthy

 Establish a Routine:

College students are among the busiest people on the planet. In order to avoid the stress, make an attempt to establish an easy-to-follow routine. Routines will improve your self-discipline and are crucial to staying motivated. Getting into the habit of working out regularly, ensuring you have enough study time and maintaining a proper sleep schedule will only positively impact your school year.


Don’t Overexert Yourself:

Listen to your body and acknowledge when something doesn’t feel quite right.  If you feel a cold coming on then get some extra rest or take some vitamin C. If something feels off and it persists for weeks on end, make sure to seek proper care or help to avoid problems worsening. Your body knows when something is off. Make sure you are getting the nutrients, vitamins and water you need to fuel yourself each day. 


Throw some Snacks in your Backpack:

Snacking throughout the days helps contribute to maintaining an organized mind! Time is of the essence during the day to day grind of a college student. There isn’t always an extra minute to stop and grab food from a vending machine or convenience store. Keeping multiple ready-made grab-and-go snacks in your bookbag can prevent students from spending frivolously or overindulging on unhealthy options. It is common for professors to allow eating in class, so throwing some granola bars, protein shakes and trail mix in your bag will most definitely come in handy!


Maintain a Positive Attitude: College can be a lot! Classes can be overwhelming; exams can be stressful and projects can be extremely draining.  Maintaining mental health is just as important as maintaining physical health.  Sometimes it is as simple as just getting out of bed in the morning and deciding to set your own bar for the day; choose happiness! There is always a silver lining. Focus more on the victories, as small

 as they may be, instead of the losses! Your life will be more lucrative and enjoyable if you decide to choose a positive mindset.



Have a Weekend Strategy: Nightlife, sporting events and social gatherings are all fun perks to being a college student.  Spending your weekends out late partying can be a blast, but there is often a turning point when casual entertainment can turn unhealthy.  This is where you can implement a strategy to call it a night a few hours earlier, increase your water intake and make it a point to carefully choose who you socialize with. Late nights, unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleeping patterns, hanging out with toxic people and not staying properly hydrated can have a negative impact on the body.  Don’t stray away from fun, just enjoy in moderation and make sure your life is well balanced in all aspects.