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Ways to help in your Community


There are many ways to pitch in around your community. It is important that we all do our part to contribute to make the towns and cities we live in the best that they can be.


  • Volunteer:  Set up a time to do something good for your city whether it be at a hospital, library or a local business. Delegate some time each month to give back to those who do so much every day.


  • Serve: Homeless shelters are always looking out for helpers willing to serve food. You can contact a homeless shelter in your area to schedule a time to help out. 



  • Donate: Many people out there are without basic necessities like clothing, shoes and food. There are also those in need of things like books and toys. Find a local donation bin and instead of throwing out your gently used items, give them to someone who truly could benefit from them.


  • Teach: One of the most valuable and essential skills that contributes to succeeding in the modern world is reading. Take it upon yourself to set up a program where you can teach the children of your community how to read.



  • Plant: Contribute to making your city or township as beautiful as it can be. Plant flowers in areas that could use an extra burst of color. Always ask for permission before planting on public land.


  • Clean: If you see some trash around your neighborhood, throw some gloves on and pick it up! Rubbish can make areas look unattended for and uncleanly. It is amazing what a little clean-up can do.



  • Mentor: Be a role-model to the youth in your community. Team up with local representatives to raise key issues and bring awareness to current events.